The Benefits of a Maxi-Clamp vs. a Mineral Insulated Band Heater

Used in Injection Molding Machine Nozzles

MI-Band Heater vs. Maxi Coil Heater

maxi coil heater scaled

Maxi Coil Heater with Clamp

Why use a Maxi Coil Heater over a MI-Band Heater or other Band Heaters?

  • More robust design
  • More uniform temperature for better plastic flow to your mold. (see below)
  • Up to 3X Longer Life than MI-Band Heater
  • Will not be affected by plastic leak with proper exit design (Just energize to melt the plastic away)
  • Standard  & Custom Designs for your Machine Nozzles
  • Different Lead Exit Configurations
  • Pre-bend the Exit to fit your Machine and Application

Why use a Maxi over a Band Heater?

Band Heater vs. Maxi Coil Heater

Notice: The heat is not transmitted throughout the entire profile of the band heater. On top of this, the band heater is unable to transfer the heat throughout the nozzle causing cold sections on the ends.  The maxi heater can be designed to heat the entire nozzle even while taking up a smaller amount of surface area.  With a clamp, the heat profile is further evened.

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