Thermocouples / RTD Sensors

The Ideal Thermal Temperature Sensor

Choose the Right Temperature Sensor for Your Application

Sensors play an essential role in the control of a thermal system. Placement, fit, and sensor type all contribute to thermal management success.  Nexthermal can work with you to find the right industry-standard sensor or develop a sensor specific to your needs.

Types of Temperature Sensors

  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouple (Type J or K)
  • Bolt Thermocouple (Type J or K)
  • PT100 RTD
  • NI120 RTD
  • Exposed Thermocouple
  • Washer Type Thermocouple
  • Lug TC / RTD
  • Simple Stem TC / RTD
  • More sensor options available
Whether you need an RTD thermocouple sensor, MI thermocouple sensor, or other type of sensor mentioned above, we have you covered.

Applications of Temperature Sensors in Thermal Applications​

Temperature sensors are used to control heating, air conditioning, and ventilation in various types of buildings. These devices promote energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor environment. In the manufacturing sector, temperature sensors are used to monitor the temperature of equipment in order prevent problems such as overheating or inadequate cooling. The auto industry uses temperature sensors extensively to monitor and regulate temperatures within the vehicle and its operation. Data centers that house IT equipment use temperature sensors to regulate AC in computer rooms and promote best airflow practices. Healthcare facilities use temperature sensors to meet industry regulations, keep patients safe, and prevent damage to medicines. Farmers use sensors to monitor conditions around crops, include temperature. The use of these sensors includes alerts that warn of temperature and other conditions that are not optimal or worse. The food and beverage industry also use temperature sensors extensively to monitor and maintain the required temperatures for its products. If you have any questions regarding our RTD temperature sensor or other sensor products, contact us at or call (269) 964-0271.
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