The requirement for heat in an industrial process necessitates a system designed specifically to accommodate the most important goals of your application. At Nexthermal, we offer exceptionally efficient heating elements and solutions designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications. We design and manufacture heaters and assemblies tailored for specific processes to meet your plastic manufacturing goals.

Challenges in Form Fill Seal

  • Experiencing high number of leakers?
  • Do the heaters fail pre-maturely within 3-6 months of installation?
  • Is there high movement or moisture in the application?
  • Is it a washdown application?
  • Multi-layer or green films?
  • Need hygienic design?
  • High scrap rate?
  • Slow throughput?
Nexthermal can partner with you to solve these challenges while still allowing you to continue using your current equipment.  We can retro-fit heaters into your sealing jaws allowing you to save costs by removing the need for new machinery and reducing maintenance costs and downtime while also improving throughput.

As a manufacturer that uses packaging machines, you know that keeping equipment running efficiently is critical to improving food production, increasing throughput, and reducing scrap. Today’s packaging materials are less forgiving of temperature variations, and throughput speed is dependent on fast heat recovery. You need solutions that address these challenges to stay competitive and profitable. Nexthermal Engineering Services can analyze key process areas and identify where problems exist. With our expertise in the packaging industry, we can help you turn a problem process into a profitable program.

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Challenges in Top Seal packaging

  • Issues with sealing new material due to FDA-required changes?
  • High temperature variance in the heat profile?
  • Limitations on material selection for your current machine?
  • Design restrictions by your current heater supplier?
  • Excess scrap?

Nexthermal can partner with you to solve these challenges while still allowing you to continue using your current equipment.  We can retro-fit heaters into your top-sealing machine allowing you to control the heat profile to reduce scrap and expand your material selection.

Steam Shrink Sleeve Packaging

The state-of-the-art hygienically engineered steam heater is optimal for steam packaging equipment. With a minimal profile and claim to space, the heater may be disassembled completely for cleaning to eliminate debris and mineral deposits from the heating channels to ensure optimum flow and sanitary results.

Portion Packaging

At Nexthermal, we have considerable experience designing and manufacturing heaters that serve various aspects of the portion packaging industry. The solutions we have developed include improving the effectiveness of sealing, reducing downtime, and enhancing throughput.

Thermoformed Packaging

In order to ensure your thermoforming application functions at optimal efficiency and capacity we provide Elstein Ceramic Radiant heaters in combination with our expertise in engineered heating.

Bottle Packaging

When it comes to the engineering of coil heaters for plastic injection molding preforms, closures, and bottle caps, Nexthermal is a seasoned leader. The coil heaters we produce are profiled precisely to provide optimal thermal transfer for greater throughput and reduced scrap.

Tamper Proof

Reliability and safety are important factors relative to food, beverage, medical, cosmetics, and personal care products packaging solutions. OEMs rely on coil heaters and mini coil heaters for the manufacture of safe, tamper proof packaging.

We design and build profiled heaters for sensitive films used today. Our heaters are designed to prolong heater service life and optimize thermal performance.

Designed For Energy Efficiency

Packing Jaw

When heat is essential to your process, you need a high performance system that is specifically designed to support your core application goals. Energy efficient design practices combined with emerging heaters energy efficient heaters have helped our customers realize energy savings of 15-35% with the same or improved performance levels.

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