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Sometimes we get that buying a heater or a thermal sensor is not enough, sometimes you need more of a solution for your design. When you are designing a system question’s must be answered, like how are you going to get power to the heater, or read sensors input back to a control system? Will the system be a plug n play design for field or customer service? How do I make it easy to support and allow for future improvements? And how do I make it safe for customers or technicians to quickly service the equipment? Well, Nexthermal can help with that also.

Making It All Work

A wiring harness is an organized collection of bundled wires terminated with plugs that are designed to bring power to a set of heaters and sensors.

They can include things like circuit protection (fuses) or extra circuits for auxiliary needs like a safety lockout which provides protection from hazardous voltages during servicing.

The harness can be labeled for easy part number management with QR codes for inventory management, or for instructions on proper routing.

Think of it as the connection between the device you’re trying to heat, and the power source. It plays a vital role in the operation of the equipment, and quality or safety issues can put a bad result on an otherwise thoughtful design.

How Does Nexthermal Fit in This?

Nexthermal has a UL certification program in place for customers that need to design and source wiring harness for their systems. Even if you don’t need a heater or sensor as part of the harness, working with our team of international engineers we can meet your sourcing needs anywhere in the world quickly and cost effectively.

Our multiple manufacturing sites enables us to rapidly build and certify harnesses for your use, all managed under our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

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