As a user of plastic processing machines, you know that keeping equipment running efficiently is critical to decreasing downtime, increasing throughput, and reducing scrap. You need solutions that address these challenges to stay competitive and profitable. Nexthermal Engineering Services can analyze key process areas and identify areas where improvement to efficiency can be made. With our expertise in the plastics industry, we can help you turn a problem process into a profitable program.

Why Use Nexthermal Heating Elements for your Plastic Application?

  • Decrease cycle time and incease throughput
  • Improve consistency and product quality
  • Reduce maintainence costs
  • Maximize process efficiency with thermal analysis
  • Lower scrap rates
  • Decrease down time
  • Optimize an existing system to process a wider range of plastics

Optimize Your Plastic Manufacturing Process

Nexthermal Engineering Services can thermally analyze key process areas to identify where problems may exist. Many times the resolution is relatively easy just by simply identifying and selecting the right heater configuration for your application.  Or, it may need thermal analysis to pinpoint the root cause.  Either way, the most expensive option is to live with it.  If it is a thermal issue, Nexthermal will help you resolve the problem.

Modern 3D printer printing figure close-up macro

Nexthermal Solutions

Flat Coil Heater

Flat Coil
  • Bendable cold section
  • Wind-from-stock available to ship same day in heated lengths ranging from 10.5″ up to 86.6″
  • Comes standard with 40″ Teflon leads. Other lead protection options available include fiberglass, braided metal, iron, copper, nickel, or flexible armor sleeving

Mini Coil Heater

Mini Coil Heater
  • Extremely flexible cold section
  • Pressed on sheath is 20% more efficient than other mini coil heaters in most injection molding applications. Designed for temperatures exceeding 600 ºF
  • Moisture resistant transition head is ideal for high humidity applications and protecting against oil and contaminants
  • Option to integrate external J or K thermocouple


Nextflex Screw Terminal (Standard) Connector
  • For operating temperatures up to 700 ºF
  • In stock and ready to ship in 6.5mm, 8.0 mm, and 8.5 mm heater sizes
  • Comes standard with screw terminal tip, but also available with Plug-n-Heat connection, spade terminal, or installed with our lead adapter kit.

Axial Clamp

Coil Heater Assemblies - Axial Clamp Square
  • Axial design suited for front load heater assembly
  • Uniform heating in flow channel through precise winding pattern
  • Unique 5-piece clamping design engineered for best clamping mechanism
  • Easy installation and removal with an Allen wrench
  • ±2% wattage tolerance allows one thermocouple to control multiple heaters

Constrictor Thermal Retainer

Constrictor Attachment
  • Keep your coil heaters pressed firmly about injection molding nozzles for ideal heat transfer and accurate thermocouple reading. 
  • Tip temperatures measure over 100 ºF hotter compared to open coil.
  • 0.5″-5.5″ in stock. Custom sizes available


Coil Heater Assemblies - Hotlock Square
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Fine pitched threads deliver more heat toward the tip and smaller net diameter allows for closer drops
  • The increased tip temperature allows you to use higher wear-resistive materials than Beryllium copper tips

Coiled Heater Pressed in Brass

Coil Heater Assemblies - Pressed in Brass Square
  • 8% faster response and extended thermocouple life
  • The machined path enables exact repeatability of the heat profile and a more precise thermocouple placement.
  • Ideal for engineering grade applications


  • Engineered with precise tip placement for faster, more accurate temperature sensing
  • Can be custom built to your specific size and length requirements
  • Designed for moisture-resistance applications

Maxi Coil Heater

Maxi Coil Heater
  • 4.6 x 8.6 profile
  • Available with optional thermocouple
  • Maxi coil can be incorporated into sealed inside ID/OD assemblies
  • Tightens to a nozzle with a clamping strap
  • Available with optional 480 V
When your manufacturing process requires heat, you need a process with the necessary efficiency and effectiveness to fulfill your essential production needs. At Nexthermal, we are your source for highly efficient heating elements designed for an array of industrial applications. We design process-specific heater and assemblies to achieve your plastics manufacturing goals.

Injection Molding Hot Runner Systems

At Nexthermal, we possess wide-ranging thermal profiling experience in the injection molding industry. The coil heaters we offer deliver top-grade performance when designed specifically for your injection molding nozzle. Optimal heat transfer is provided with our Nextflex flexible tubular heaters. These include easy, fast installation in manifolds.


We offer an array of heaters engineered to enhance the thermoforming process, featuring our Nextflex flexible tubular heaters, coil heaters, cartridge heaters, and Elstein infrared radiators.

Additive Manufacturing

When the range of temperatures vary between filaments, 3D printers make use of heaters that can absorb these temperature variants with tight thermal profiling. At Nexthermal, we offer ideal cartridge and coil heaters for various applications that include nozzle assemblies designed for the increasing challenges of additive manufacturers and 3D printers.

Have Questions?

Nexthermal’s core is quality customer service. Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have about our heating elements or design considerations for your application.
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