At Nexthermal, we provide optimally designed flexible heaters and heating solutions for the medical industry. This includes an array of heaters tailored to meet the demands of various product design challenges. We can also develop customized solutions to meet the needs of your medical industry application.

Build-to-order cartridge heaters with wattage distribution are ideal when controlled heating is required for various sizes, shapes, and heating controls. They provide exceptional advantages over standard, off-the-shelf methods of heating.

Customized Heating Solutions for Medical Applications

Flexible heating systems are used extensively in various sectors of the medical industry, such as patient care, life sciences, biomedical research, DNA research, pharmaceutical experiments, and more.

We offer extensive experience in medical field applications which enables us to deliver fully customized flexible heaters and fast prototyping for medical devices. This includes testing processes in-house to confirm adherence to medical industry standards.

Our heating solutions are designed to:

  • Provide small surfaces with ideally fitted heat contact
  • Simulate body temperature (or higher) for body fluid testing
  • Keep temperatures within tight ranges for devices and samples
  • Combine sensors and heat into surgical instruments

We produce custom heating solutions for medical applications that take into account the specific material specification, electrical requirements, and budget considerations of our customers. We can work with you directly to create the ideal solutions for your specific medical product requirements.

To learn more about the medical industry heating solutions we offer at Nexthermal, give us a call today at 269.964.0271 or drop our team a message by email at

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