Heater-Based Assemblies

Sub-Assemblies, Assemblies, & System Solutions


Sub-assemblies improve manufacturing throughput by eliminating bottlenecks of adding plugs, other heaters, sensors, or kitting.
If assembly or kitting of a heater-based sub-assembly is a bottleneck for your production, we can help you improve your output.


Nexthermal assemblies take it to the next level. Some examples of what we have done:
  • Developed articulating heated assemblies that are plug-and-play within a larger system
  • Discretely designed and developed a new IP for a major food production company – cooking devices that can be installed on automated production lines.
  • Nexthermal also offers UL-Rated Wiring Harnesses for your assembly needs
Often machines, such as a packaging jaw, can be designed to run faster than the heat can be recovered. Therefore, improving the thermal performance and heat recovery times can directly drive productivity. Assembly improvements have made it possible for food production companies to improve output by more than 20% in the same footprint—eliminating the need to build a new plant.

System Solutions

Nexthermal has experience integrating:
  • Control Systems
  • Data Collection
  • Communication Protocols
  • Power Distribution
  • Conductive Heat
  • Radiant Heat
  • Thermal Mass
  • Working Surfaces
  • Sensing
  • Structural Components
  • With our Thermal Solutions Group, we can design, simulate, source, build, test, and install the thermal solution you need to accelerate your innovation. We have powerful partners. We can validate your concept and design with your performance goals in mind.
    When you engage Nexthermal to deliver a sub-assembly, assembly, or system—you can be confident we will understand your application, deliver a solution and implement with excellence. It all starts with a phone call, a drawing, a concept or an email. We look forward to starting the process with you!
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