What is Thermal Engineering?

Thermal analysis that pinpoints design modifications, heat distribution, and sensing locations can transform the processes that depend on electrical heat. At Nexthermal, as a provider of thermal engineering services, we have the thermal engineering experience and analysis tools to help you maximize thermal performance and enhance your competitive position.

Optimizing thermal performance enables mechanical components to operate with greater speed while preserve optimum quality. Our thermal engineering capabilities help bring out the potential in your process, product, and project.

Aspects of Thermal Engineering

Many systems are exposed to heat buildup due to the operation of mechanical components and electrical circuits. If this heat is not redirected, it can result in significant damage to the system. Thermal engineers develop applications that can regulate the temperature in devices such as computers and car batteries.

The Work of Thermal Engineers

Thermal engineers design systems that take advantage of different forms of thermal energy to produce mechanical, electrical, or chemical energy. At Nexthermal, we are focused on solving heating related problems. As part of our thermal engineering services, we utilize advanced technology to educate our customers, including labs for design studies and FEA-based simulation tools. Our team can transform an idea into a finished product, or reduce the risks present with an existing design by optimizing heat management.

Mechanical and Electrical Applications

In the mechanical and electrical industries, components such as mechanical elements and electrical circuits produce heat during operations. The buildup of this heat can negatively impact the integrity of devices.

Many times, a machine may be designed to operate faster than the heat produced can be recovered. A packaging jaw is one example. Therefore, to maintain and improve productivity, it is important to increase thermal performance and heat recovery times.

Our Thermal Solutions Group can produce thermal solutions that advance innovation through a process of design, simulation, sourcing, building, testing, and installation. In combination with our exceptional partners, we can apply our thermal engineering skills to certify your concept and produce a design that meets your performance goals.

To learn about the various thermal engineering services we offer at Nexthermal, call us today at 269.964.0271 or leave us a message by email at sales@nexthermal.com.

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