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When you are planning a new design, where heat is essential for the process or when your existing system with needs a heat related improvement, you can just contact Nexthermal Thermal Engineering team for getting the best solution for your application.

Global Parts Sourcing Available

Nexthermal has sourcing capablities from our global partners. Through application and engineering experience, we are able to design and manufacture full keyturn systems for your heat based application.

Nexthermal Products

ø 1/8" - 1.25" | 6.2 mm - 22 mm

Nexthermal can manufacture your cartridge heater to a specific diameter and length (both metric and imperial sizing) along with a specified wattage and voltage.

Styles: Round | Square | Flat | Pressed in Brass

Coil heaters can be formed into any geometrical shape based on their industrial application and the type of process they are used in. The resistance wire inside the heating element is in a wound-pattern which gives coil heaters its name.

ø 3.4 mm | 5.0 mm | 6.5 mm | 8.0 mm | 8.5 mm | 10.9 mm

Tubular heaters are pre-formed electrical heating elements. They can be shaped into a multitude of configurations and be used to heat material in all states of matter.

ø 6.5 mm | 8.0 mm | 8.5 mm

Nextflex is a form-in-place tubular heater that Nexthermal carries in stock, ready for immediate shipping. The nextflex heater is made specifically for enclosed applications.

Types: 36 Variants

High-quality ceramic infrared heaters manufactured by German company Elstein. With many shapes, temperature ratings, and energy efficient models to choose from, Nexthermal is able to address the needs of many applications that require heating through IR emission.

Types: Application-Specific Thermocouples & RTDs

Nexthermal manufactures many different types of temperature sensors and customizes them to meet your application needs. Level of accuracy and operating temperature will dictate which sensor should be selected.

Types: Single Zone & 4-Zone

Nexthermal controllers are an all-in-one solution for controlling your heating application. All connectors are provided with the controller and with the provided USB cable and can be set up using the free Android and iOS app.

Full Design & Solution

Nexthermal manufactures UL recognized complete wiring harness which connect to your system's power supply and signal circuits.

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Custom Heating Elements, Temperature Sensors, and Controller Manufacturer

As an industrial heating elements manufacturer, Nexthermal started in 1986 with the idea of electric heating solutions for our customers to improve their competitive advantage. We help our customers develop new products, improve process efficiency in existing legacy systems, improve energy efficiency, and elevate performance and quality.

How do we do it? We analyze your design, understanding the Fit, Form and Function that will give you the best return. We use advanced analytical tools to identify the optimum heater and sensor placement for best responsiveness and look for ways to improve performance issues on how the application uses and controls heat.

As a heater manufacturer with vast application knowledge and a combined 150+ years of experience in thermal solutions, we can be a part of your engineering team, working with our in-house design experts to bring the best solution for your applications.

Using our global supply chain, Nexthermal can build heater-based assemblies and UL rated wire harness systems. We welcome a challenge and look forward to sharing with you our thermal systems knowledge, effective customer service, quality workmanship, and reliable products with you and your team.

Nexthermal is a pioneer in custom flexible heater solutions in North America serving as the bedrock of many of the essential industries that are an important part of our day-to-day lives. Many people, especially in North America interact with products daily that are likely made using Nexthermal custom heating elements and sensors. Since our founding in 1986, we have grown significantly with multiple expansions to our operations both in the US and Asia in order to cater to the growing needs of our customers.

Whether it involves designing a fully customizable solution for your application, or building custom heating elements, sensors, or controllers, Nexthermal has it all. We have consistently helped many of our customers solve complex problems using thermal simulation analysis and designed products to help save energy costs, minimize downtime, and achieve a desirable thermal profile.

Due to our global reach and dynamic supply chain, Nexthermal has been consistently meeting and exceeding industry standards with competitive lead times even in the midst of the current ongoing supply chain crisis our world is facing today.

Due to ongoing demand for heat solutions, we have expanded our capabilities to develop end-to-end solutions from ideation stage to the building and delivery of products. If heat is critical to your application, we are often the go-to company for many of our customers, and we hope that next time you consider us for solving your problems and making your projects successful.



Custom heaters, Sensors, and Control systems are only parts of a heating system. To get the best Overall Equipment Effectiveness out of the manufacturing floor, each part of the system must be designed to complement one another.

Our Vision is to earn and maintain the reputation as a worldwide leader in delivering smart heat management solutions that improve our customers’ competitive advantage.

What does this mean?

Nexthermal works with customers of all industries to understand the needs of the process and the client and uses its highly engineered tools and decades of experience to provide a solution. Sometimes the solution may involve redesigning how the tool uses the heat, or a revised sensor location. Other solutions may only require the heat energy to be redistributed without tool changes. Our global engineering team is dedicated to delivering a smart solution every time.

Nexthermal manufactures a full range of industrial electric process heaters, sensors, and control systems in the USA and India. Our global sourcing and international UL, CE and RoHS ratings allow us to tailor solutions to meet customer requirements and can include wire harnesses or “up level” assemblies to make implement into the customer supply chain simple. Nexthermal also offers flexible stocking solutions and volume pricing to meet future requirements.

So, if you’re looking for a better way to reduce scrap, increase process uptime or just want to find a better way to manage your supply chain, talk to your trusted electric heating elements manufacturer, Nexthermal, for Smart Heat Management. Call us today at (269) 964-0271 or email us at


What should I look for when buying a heater?

When buying a heater, it's crucial to consider:

  • Application Fit:
    • Heating Method: Does the application require conduction, convection, or radiant heat transfer? Choose a heater design that aligns with this need.
    • Risk Factors: Are there temperature fluctuations, moisture, or other factors that could compromise heater performance or safety? Ensure the design addresses these risks.
  • Crucial Point: Partner with your sales engineer to discuss your application in detail. This ensures all factors are considered, leading to the best heater selection for your specific needs.
  • Safety Certifications: Does your end application require certifications like UL, CE, or RoHS? Select a heater that meets the necessary standards.
  • Control:<ul :
    • Sensor Placement: Proper sensor location is critical for accurate temperature control and optimal system performance.
    • Plug & Play Integration: Can a UL-listed wire harness simplify your installation and ensure safety? Nexthermal can provide these value-added solutions.

A standard component heater typically has a build time of 10-15 business days. If your order requires special components, the lead time may be extended depending on their manufacturing time.

  • Poor fit
  • Movement causing leads to crimp or break
  • Moisture entering the heater
  • Improper placement of the sensor
  • Using the wrong heater for the application

Click “Let's Talk” at the top-right of the webpage. Or call us at (269) 964-0271 to receive immediate help.

Nexthermal adds sales tax only as per individual state’s guidelines. If you would like to submit your tax exemption documentation, please fill out the form at

  • Standard Coverage: We offer a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. For full details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions on our website.
  • Focus on Performance: While the warranty is important, we prioritize designing heaters that meet your specific needs. Proper design, installation, and operation are crucial for optimal heater performance and longevity.
  • Partnership: Our goal is your satisfaction. By thoroughly understanding your application, we can tailor a heating solution that exceeds expectations, often making the warranty less of a primary concern.

Yes, our thermocouples and RTDs are manufactured in the Nexthermal India facility

Yes, our temperature controllers that we designed and developed are manufactured in the Nexthermal India facility

Nexthermal sources the ceramic infrared heaters from Elstein , a German company who are the inventors of the ceramic infrared heaters. These are the highest quality ceramic infrared heaters you can find on the market.

Nexthermal has a dedicated, cross-functional team consisting of engineers who deal with many of the common and uncommon problems on a daily basis. The best way to contact us is by Contacting us directly or filling out the new customer form and we will get in touch with you quickly.

We are specialized as a built-to-order company and do not carry a stock of tubular heaters. However, a Nextflex flexible-tubular heater may be a quick solution to your problem. Please, Contact us to make sure this would fit your application needs.


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