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Optimizing Thermal Performance

Nexthermal's thermal analysis expertise can revolutionize your electric heat processes.

As a provider of thermal consulting engineering services, Nexthermal is uniquely positioned with analysis tools and thermal engineering experience to help you optimize thermal performance and improve your competitive advantage. Often, mechanical components can run faster than the full heat required to meet required thermal profile.

Optimizing thermal performance allows mechanical components to run faster while maintaining excellent quality. At Nexthermal, our thermal engineering services and solutions unlock the potential that exists in your product, process, and project. Due to confidentiality agreements, we cannot share many of the proprietary projects we work on. Many of the improvements we help customers make are considered to be essential intellectual property. We are confident when you engage with our team, you will discover our people have the expertise combined with analysis tools and experience to accelerate your development project.

Innovating Through design and analysis

Thermal Analytics


Energy Savings

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Equipment Upgrades: Enhance existing equipment to process new materials, expanding product capabilities and market reach.

New Production Methods: Implement innovative production techniques for increased efficiency.

Customer-Focused Manufacturing: Material manufacturers establish production capabilities for end customers, driving strong market potential for their materials

Empowering Innovation: through thermal expertise, ensuring your products and processes perform optimally in even the most demanding environments.

Confidential Innovation: Provide confidential expertise for new product development and material/process creation, including custom-designed food production equipment.

Engineering Team Enhancement: Supplement your core engineering team with specialized skills.

ul rated wiring harness

Your Nexthermal heating solution deserves a safe and reliable connection. Look no further than our UL-rated wiring harnesses, the perfect add-on for a complete, certified assembly.
UL Listing at Your Fingertips:
  • Effortless integration: Integrate seamlessly with your existing heating elements or Nexthermal assemblies for a simplified approach.
  • Safety first: UL-rated design ensures compliance with critical safety standards, giving you peace of mind.
  • Flexibility you crave: Our harnesses can be customized to fit your specific application needs, accommodating various lengths, connectors, and circuit protection options.

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If you have any questions regarding how our thermal design and analysis services can help you with your application requirements, please call us today at (269) 964-0271 or reach us by email at


What engineering services do you provide?

Nexthermal provides engineering services focused on solving your heating-related challenges. Our advanced tools, including FEA simulation software and a dedicated lab, allows us to analyze and optimize your designs. Whether you have a new product idea or want to improve an existing system, we'll help you manage heat more effectively and reduce risk.

We understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer flexible rates for our engineering services. Depending on your needs, we can work on an hourly basis, a fixed contract, or integrate the costs into your final product. Lab and computer time have different rates, and we'll provide a detailed quote for prototype fabrication once your design is finalized. To optimize project costs, involve Nexthermal as early as possible in your design process.

No, our engineering services are designed to optimize your heating processes. The goal is to not only sell heaters, but to use heat wisely in the process. Now, of course we will be happy to facilitate a quote for heaters, sensors, controllers, wire harness or even the assembly that the heaters are installed in through our global partners. We hope you find our product solutions to be an easy choice to make when it comes to that. But you, the customer, controls the final scope of the work.

Yes, we offer comprehensive prototyping services. We can rapidly create prototypes for testing new design concepts or to perform First Article Inspection on existing designs.

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