Global manufacturing and sourcing of materials

We source materials from all over the world, both for raw materials and components of a larger system or assembly.

Overseas manufacturing that is not overseas quality

Our Bangalore, India facility manufactures to the highest quality and standards for materials and work instructions. Materials are approved by the US. Work instructions were developed in partnership with the engineering and production team in the US. US-based engineers and production leaders have spent time in India training them how to build heaters to our standards.

A robust and knowledgeable engineering staff to assist you and your team

This could be designing a small assembly to a multimillion-dollar turnkey system or assembly.

Dedicated staff ready to work with you

Nexthermal has an Inside Sales staff who work with our distributors on quotes, orders, drawings, and anything that might be needed.

Expedited manufacturing

Nexthermal has reserved a certain portion of the production schedule to be able to build heaters quicker than our standard lead time. These are not stock heaters that you are ‘trying to make work’. These are made to order heaters, designed to your customer’s exact specifications.

Competitive delivery

We can manufacture many build-to-order heating elements in 12-15 business days, as our standard lead time.

“Wind From Stock” coil heaters

Private labeling of heaters

All our custom heaters can be labeled with your name and part number.

Protection of part numbers

You have worked hard to develop a customer. You do not want someone else taking your design and selling it. When you work with us, we protect you and your intellectual property. The only customer who can sell YOUR part number is YOU. Your end customer cannot come to us directly, we send them back to you.

Dropship of orders to your customers

No need to bring those heaters into your facility, unpack them, repack them, and send them out. We will do all of that for you. We can send the heaters directly to your customer (saving time AND money) in a brown box. We will even enclose your packing slip with the shipment!

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