Heaters for Form Fill Sealing Machine

Form Fill Sealing Machines

Form fill sealing machines shape packages that are used to store several products and then seal them to retain product integrity. These machines are specifically designed to fill products into packages based on predefined measurements.

The package is filled and sealed by the same machine to make the entire process even more convenient. The exponential increase in the demands on the packaging industry has mandated a constant evolution of available technology to meet the needs.

Types of Form Fill Seal (FFS) Machines 

There are two types of FFS machines that are widely used in the packaging industry:

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machines

Vertical form fill seal machines are automatic packaging devices that are often used in custom food packaging and other industries. The machine forms plastic bags and pouches from a smooth roll of film and at the same time fills the bag and then seals it. The machines can fill the bags with either solids or liquids.

  • Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Machines 

Horizontal form fill seal machines are used to pack only solid materials. These machines have two molding stations and two sealing stations. This allows them to change from one size of packets to another, which is done automatically. The HFFS machine contains the product filler and the horizontal form fill seal bagging unit.

The product filler determines the amount of product to be discharged. One of the advantages of using an HFFS machine is when your customer needs a package with a zipper that allows for a comfortable opening.

Advantages of FFS Machines

  • Reduces costs and saves time

There are many financial benefits in investing in a form fill seal machine. They are versatile which makes them perfect for packing anything from grains and chemicals to powders to liquids. FFS machines come with weighers that ensure each bag is packed with the right volume and size. Some machines also have in-built coders that create barcodes for the packages.

FFS machines can form, fill, and seal products continuously at a high speed. The higher the number of packages you fill every hour, the more the returns on your capital expenses.

  • Easier cleaning and maintenance

FFS machines are compact and are made of high-quality materials. They require only an annual service as they have fewer moving parts. This means that you can run the machine for a longer time and also clean it quickly between cycles. 

  • Requires less labor

FFS machines can run for the entire day with a ten-minute film change required after every interval. The entire process can be done unattended. This allows the staff to concentrate on other tasks. 

Disadvantages of FFS Machines

  • They cannot handle papers
  • They are not effective for short production runs

Essential Aspects to Consider When Purchasing an FFS Machine

  • The product’s nature
  • Product dimensions
  • Product material 
  • The speed required
  • Required output of the product
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