How to Select an Industrial Heater

In any industrial heating system, the heating elements used are some of the most important components. With the right industrial heating elements, regardless of the application, you can cut on downtime, improve throughput, and produce a more efficient heating process. Heating elements play a big part in the total manufacturing process. It is important to know how to select the right industrial heating element. At Nexthermal, as an experienced industrial heating elements manufacturer, we are the place to shop if you need to select the optimum electric heater for your application.

Selecting the Right Industrial Heating Element

To select the right heating element, you need to have the right information. There are some key questions you must ask in order to discover this information. These include:

  • What is the target operating temperature?
  • Where is the sensor location?
  • What environment is the application in? (Is it humid? Is there heavy heater movement? Are the machines washed down?)
  • What maximum temperature is required for the heating element to withstand?
  • Do the lead wires need to come out of the heater in a certain direction?

The answers to these questions will help you select the proper heating element, and having these answers in-hand can help expedite the process of obtaining the best heating element for your application when you contact an industrial heating elements manufacturer.

The right heating element can determine the quality and speed of the process or product in which the industrial heater is used, in addition to lowering the energy usage of the heating operation, and the cost of producing the product.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Heating Element

The benefits that come with installing the right heating element include:

  • Better operational efficiency
  • Lower operational expenses
  • Longer operational service life
  • Higher ROI

An industrial heating elements manufacturer should be able to provide you with the heating elements that produce all these benefits with your application.

If you need industrial heating elements for your application, our team at Nexthermal can help. Call us today at 269.964.0271 or reach us by email at

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