A zone control system controls and monitors the temperature in different locations of residential, commercial, or industrial environments – with the latter involving medical, food packaging, and process machinery applications. At Nexthermal, we can provide you with a zone control system that promotes a reliable, cost-efficient means of heating and cooling for your industrial application and setting.

Over the years, our team at Nexthermal has gained extensive knowledge regarding the various aspects of the industrial temperature control requirements in different industries.

Features of Our 4-Zone Controller

Nexthermal has now added a 4-Zone temperature controller to its product line-up. With 4 independently-controlled PID DIN modules in a single panel, the number of application use-cases for this controller significantly increases. Much like our single-zone controller, this can be used to control your heating elements in applications where temperatures can range from above room temperature to over 1200°F / 650°C.

Our 4-Zone Controller is designed for 110V to 240V operation. The TC and Alarm connectors are the same as we used in the IBM control panel. The unit has a normal ON/OFF switch with contactor inside.

The heat sink is positioned above the panel, ensuring the generation of heat is negligible. Also, as we used in the single channel panel, the individual fuse is attached for the both the heater and the controller. The air vent is the same as used for the single channel since it has a NEMA 4x rating. Also, a metal (not plastic) enclosure is used with this unit.

This controller is manufactured to take into account industrial standard requirements, enabling us to pre-program the controller to operate to your specifications before we send it out to you.

With a zone control system from Nexthermal managing your industrial equipment or system, you will have an effective means of heat production exactly when needed for your processes and systems, whether your applications are in the process machinery, food packaging, medical, or other sectors.

Whether your requirements involve a 4-zone controller, single zone controller, thermocouple controller, or another type of custom-designed temperature controller, we have you covered at Nexthermal.

If you are interested in the installation of a zone control system for your industrial equipment or if need help maintaining or enhancing an existing system, our team at Nexthermal can help. Call us today at 269.964.0271 or email us at sales@nexthermal.com for more information.

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