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Taking Control of your Heating Applications

There are four components to a heating system:

All four components must match well to each other to get the best outcome, and just like the tires on your car if you have only three, you’re not going to have a great time of it.

Typical problems you can see from a poor match would be a leaky seal towards the ends in packaging, cold sections in the heat profile, premature heater failures in the application, or being unable to maintain heat at optimum level at all times. Too many have seen these issues at some time or other in an industrial heating application.

Today we are going to talk about the Controller.  The brains of the system.  Controllers are an indispensable part of the applications using industrial heating to drive optimal performance, safety and operational efficiency!

Nexthermal has developed a unique PID controller solution for those who need the portability, flexibility and accuracy in their application. Our controller also has the additional convenience of giving you the ability to view stats on your phone app, thus giving you the ability to make data driven decisions real time. 

Interesting…but what is a controller? 

Simply put, a controller is a smart device which acts as a single control point to monitor and maintain heat to a desired temperature. It takes input from a user for a desired heat point that needs to be applied to an application and continuously monitors it through a sensor integrated into the application. During use the controller detects fluctuations and continuously regulates power to maintain the heat to that set temperature into the application even with a changing environment.  Its job is to make things just so, not too hot, not too cold, and by doing so it improves the performance of your process.

Nexthermal is an industry leader in Smart Heat Management® for over 35 years. We are global experts in designing efficient heaters and heating systems that maximize the capability of our customers’ machines and applications. Through years of partnership and service with our customers, we have closely understood and solved the problems industries face while using heat. In the process, we also studied several key aspects for controller requirements in the many industries we serve. With this knowledge and experience, Nexthermal has created its own single-zone controller.  Now, you can purchase a complete heating system directly from Nexthermal. 

Nexthermal Controller

Many people in the market make control systems.  We understand that you want it simple.  Simple to install, with the options you need.  Simple to program.  Simple to use, and simple to fix if there is ever an issue.  What we would want to buy if we were just trying to get something done.  With that in mind we developed a self-contained control system available in single zone as well as 4 channel version.

We at Nexthermal understand the importance of not just the accuracy of heat in an application but also the importance of being able to evenly distribute and maintain the heat profile at all times in order to get the best results every single time! Leveraging our expertise and deep insights into smart heat applications, we wanted to develop a controller that is best suited to cater to the needs of our customers (essentially anyone who has heat at the core of their application). 

Hence we developed controllers which would help manage heat inside an application and help maintain consistent output through active feedback loop and provide a complete smart heat solution package catering to your needs. 

Nexthermal Controller

What it includes….

Multiple configurations

Nexthermal controllers come in different configurations such as 1 and 4 zone controllers. A single zone controller can run multiple heaters up to 15 amps total circuit load off a single Sensor.  Most cases the heaters are in the same tool so a single feedback loop is adequate. However, if you want to control multiple heating zones with several Sensors the 4 zone controller might be a fit! Each zone caters to a different zone of control with multiple heaters up a total of 60 amps (15A per control loop). 

Nexthermal Controller with Multiple configuration

Controllers accessories

  • Accessories
    • Single-Zone Controller
    • 3 Pin Heater Connector
    • RS-485 Connector
    • 3-Pin RTD/TC Connector
    • Fuse (1 Amp)
    • Fuse (15 Amps)
    • Male-to-Male USB Cable
    • 2-Pin Alarm Connector
    • Tab Fitting (x4)
    • Key (x2)
Nexthermal Controller

Universal nature

Did we mention that Nexthermal also makes all kids of different sensors?  Shameless plug. 

Universal power input of 120V up to 240 single phase without any internal wiring changes needed.

Easy plug and play 

Control at your fingertips!

Moreover, Nexthermal has also developed a mobile app ‘Nextconnect’ to extend the features of the controller into your phone. This app allows you easy programming of the controller to set your alarms, control modes etc at your fingertips. The app is easy to use and can be downloaded for google store for android devices. 


Keeping the best part for the last…

While we are launching this new product, we are also offering an exclusive 10% discount on the first order! So hurry and sign up to avail your 10% off while the offer lasts.

You can learn more about Nexthermal controllers through our upcoming recent webinar. Register below for more details.

Want to evaluate how Nexthermal can help solve specific heat problems in your application ? Or just interested in knowing more about the controllers? Just leave us your information below 

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